Founding Fathers of Custer County Nebraska

Are you a part of a family that organized Custer County in 1877.

There are several families that had a part of the forming of the county in it's early years.

In the early years, folks had to go to Plum Creek (Lexington), Kearney, Loup City, or Grand Island to get supplies like a window for their sod house. Was your family member an early officer that made the lawless land civilized. 

The names vary a bit, but here is a listing of some that took part:

ABLE, Anton ------------------ALLEN, Virgil------------BOBLITS, E.J. ---------BRADNEY, A.B. --------------CHILD, I.O. ---------------DOUGLASS, J.J. -------- DuFrand, Phillip -------------FILER, Emmett V. --------FRITT, Denman ----------FULLER, Nate -----------------GASMANN, James ------JAMESON, T.M.. ----------KILGORE, W.H. --------------McKEE, Reginald --------O’BRIEN, Patrick W. -----PAXTON, James ---------------STUCKEY, Henry C -----STUCKEY, Samuel C ----TUCKER, William T.H. ------WAMBSGAN, LOUIS -----WATTLES, W.W. ------WISE, Albert H. ------------WOOD, Joshua -------------YOUNG, Frank H. -------YOUNG, Milo