This listing is being worked on for updates. These files are a PDF that is sorted by last names. Please be patient for update to our past listing of the Custer County CEMETERIES.

CEMETERY NAME, location (search above or use map to locate)

Ansley Cemetery, at Ansley

Arnold Cemetery, at Arnold

Basin Lutheran Cemetery, south of Mason City

Box Elder Cemetery, near Cumro, south of Ansley

Broken Bow Township Cemetery, at Broken Bow

BROKEN VIEW CEMETERY - Was located just north of Broken Bow. No entries listed. All of the graves from this cemetery were moved to the Broken Bow Cemetery.

Christ Lutheran Cemetery,

Cliff Cemetery, near Merna

Coffman Cemetery, near Mason City

Crouch Cemetery, near Wescott/ Comstock

Custer Center Cemetery, near Broken Bow

Dale Catholic Cemetery, (St. Andrews) near Merna

Douglas Grove Cemetery, at Comstock

Dry Valley Cemetery, Dry Valley (north of Westerville)

Elk Creek Cemetery, south of Ansley

Enon Cemetery, near Mason City

Eudell Cemetery, near Cumro (south of Ansley)

Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, near

Fairview- Baker Cemetery, near Callaway

French Table Cemetery, near Weissert

Gates Cemetery, near Gates

Grandview Cemetery at Anselmo

Happy Hollow Cemetery,

Hilldale-Springstube- Sunny Dell Cemetery, near Broken Bow

Janesville Cemetery, near Berwyn

Kilfoil Cemetery -Merna Cemetery, near Merna

Kingsbury Cemetery, near Callaway

Kingston Cemetery, near Westerville

Kopp Cemetery, near Weissert/ Broken Bow

Lee Park North(Catholic) Cemetery, near Westerville

Lee Park South (Protestant) Cemetery, near Westerville

Lillian Cemetery, near Broken Bow/ Gates

Linstedt Cemetery, near Arnold/ Callaway

Lodi Cemetery, near Oconto

Lonetree Cemetery, near Weissert

Longwood Cemetery, near Comstock

Mason City Cemetery, at Mason City

Michaels Cemetery, near Broken Bow/ Callaway

Mt. Hope Cemetery (Sargent), near Sargent

New Hope  Cemetery (Wayne Twp.), South of Arnold

New Hope  Cemetery (Victoria Twp.), near Anselmo

Oak Cemetery, near Westerville

Oconto Cemetery, at Oconto

Ortello Cemetery, near Merna

Oxford Cemetery, Sargent

Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Callaway/ Oconto

Powell Canyon Cemetery (Rose Bud/ Pine Valley), hear Arnold

Riverside Cemetery, near Oconto/ Callaway

Rose Hill Cemetery (Callaway), at Callaway

Round Grove Cemetery, near Mason City

Round Valley Cemetery, near Broken Bow/ Sargent in Round Valley area

Sand Valley Cemetery, near Callaway

Sells Valley Cemetery- Pleasant Hill- Hover/ Hoover, Oconto/Callaway area

Somerford Cemetery (Sand Creek), near Sargent

Springville Cemetery, near Callaway

St. Anselm's Catholic Cemetery, at Anslemo

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, at Broken Bow

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (Sargent), near Sargent

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (Oconto), near Oconto

Stop Table -Hope Cemetery , near Callaway / Arnold

Swanson Cemetery, near Comstock

Swedish Grove Cemetery, near Gothenburg area

Swedish Tallin Cemetery- Tallin- Tallin Table, near Arnold

Table Lawn Cemetery, by Callaway/ Broken Bow

Tappan Valley Cemetery, cemetery has been moved, near Broken Bow

Victoria Creek Cemetery- New Helena, near Anselmo

Viola Cemetery- Lomax, near Oconto

Waldheim Cemetery- Milldale Weste, near Arnold/ Callaway

Walworth Cemetery- Predmore, near Sargent/ Gates

West Union Cemetery, near Sargent

Westerville Cemetery, at Westerville

Isolated Graves